The Artist

Barbara Gaffney, the founder and owner of “Everlastings Flowers” has, for over 20 years, adopted her own preferred method of pressing and drying flowers.

In 1997, Barbara was chosen as one of only 14 Americans to participate in “The 1st International Pressed Flower Exhibition” in Nagano, Japan. In 1998, she participated in a touring exhibition throughout Japan. Ms. Gaffney is currently working on two pieces that will be entered into competition at the Royal Horticulturist Society, in the Lawrence Hall, Vincent Square, Westminster England (June 2001).

The International Pressed Flower Art Society will host this event and this large UK-Japan cultural exchange is officially part of the “Japan Art of Oshibana Exhibition”. Ms. Gaffney states that “the Japanese have brought our craft to a new level. With their love of nature, their spirituality, combined with new methods and materials, pressed flower craft is fast emerging as a true art form.

At Everlastings we have invested in Japanese flower presses that will help the flowers dry with a high degree of color and delicacy. Although Everlastings employs others to help run the studio, the final artwork is done entirely by Ms. Gaffney to insure the highest quality in design.