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The Perfect Petal

Foam Flower Press

Are you still using the old-fashioned paper and wood press tightened with screws? We found it took weeks to dry flowers this way and you had to change papers all the time. Color got lost and often flowers just molded in the wet paper. Well now it’s time to toss the paper for our new, modern foam press. If used in conjunction with a dehydrator, your flowers will be dry in 6 to 12 hours. Imagine a full wedding bouquet being pressed and dried and ready to re-assemble in just hours and not weeks. Our press developed at Everlastings Flowers, is a consistent winner, producing colorful, natural dry specimens in just hours. This press is the only press needed for all your various flowers. Our press is 9 by 9 inches and designed this size to fit into a 9/10 tray dehydrator. It has 2 pegboards for the top and bottom. Pegboard has holes which are important to get warm air into the press for faster dry times. The faster the moisture is removed, the better the color retention. Each press comes with the tape we use to secure the press along with an instruction paper. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it works! We cannot guarantee your results if you do not hasten the drying process with minimal heat. A dehydrator is strongly recommended.

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By placing your order with Everlasting Flowers for our Perfect Petal Foam Flower Press, you are agreeing that our business will not be held responsible for your use of the press. Directions for use are provided. This press is designed to be safely used in a food dehydrator and is not suitable for use in a convection oven, air fryer or a conventional oven.

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