Design Examples and Prices

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Everlastings Flowers Disclaimer: Everlastings is not responsible for flowers or completed pictures that are left for more than 12 months. We are not responsible for color changes, as described below, that are encountered with the pressing process. All artwork done by Everlastings is custom-made and cannot be refunded unless glass or frame arrives in a broken state

Suggested flowers that press well for bridal flower preservation: Roses! Roses! Roses! They are the very best! The reds press to a deeper burgundy, the pinks stay pink but may go a bit lighter or darker, or change in color depending on the variety of rose and the condition of the flower when we receive it. White flowers usually press to a crème, and some white flowers respond well to a dusting of white tempera prior to pressing. Again, much of the color variation can be attributed to the condition of the flowers, when we receive them. Cell structure, age of the flowers, and condition are all factors and color changes are normal and should be expected. Stephanotis does not press well, but we can replace them with larkspur that has the same look. Dendrobian orchids are fine but most other varieties do not work well for our purposes. Please remember mother nature sometimes has a mind of her own!

You may call us for information on the flowers in your arrangement.

We are happy to assist you in any way. Brides who visit our studio, PRIOR to the wedding, can view actual samples and take a list of preferred flowers to their florist.

Placing an order: Consultations at Everlastings are always free, however, if a bride chooses to save her bouquet, a press is reserved for her and she will receive information on how to help keep her flowers at their best until they reach the studio for preservation.  A deposit is required when placing an order.  The final payment is due upon completion of the design (usually between 3 to 6 weeks).