Unframed Pressed Flower Mats

We love to use your extra petals to create mats to highlight and frame your wedding photos. These mats are perfect gifts for the wedding party, family and friends.

Mats made after a framed piece is purchased are priced as follows:
8×10 (with an oval opening in the center) $75.00
11×14 (with a 5×7 rectangular opening as seen in #1 above. also available with a 5×7 oval opening. These styles hold more flowers than the others due to the smaller sized picture window opening.) $150.00
11×14 (with an 8×10 oval opening) $95.00

These mats are “frame it yourself” and must be sealed with our lamination process.

Customers wishing to purchase mats only and who would like a special bouquet pressed, please add a $25.00 pressing charge.