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My name is Barbara Gaffney, and I have owned and operated my business since 1994. Until that time I had been pressing flowers as a hobby and had many friends and family members ask me to press some of their special blooms. One day while shopping in a boutique I saw a framed wedding invitation with pressed flowers and called the lady who made it. We shared ideas and our passion for pressed flowers and from there a business was born. I began simply by having some basic business cards made and giving them to local florists who then in turn told their customers about my services. The first year I did 4 wedding bouquets and the drying process was 6 weeks long, done in old phone books with weights on top. By my 2nd year, I did 54 weddings and had some funeral customers as well. Each year progressed as it should until in 2007 when I did 230 orders from all over the country. My methods have changed drastically and now I can get a bouquet in and have it dried, sealed, and framed in a few days’ time… from start to finish.


It is with pleasure that I hope to teach all the newest methods I have learned and developed so that my student does not have to muddle through making mistakes with their customers special, once in a lifetime bouquets. My 3 day class prepares you to instantly go home and start advertising your offerings. In most cases, you very well may be the ONLY person or business offering this service in your area. I also offer follow up care. Once you are done with the class, you may call or email me questions at any time. I am proud to say I have remained in contact with many of my students from the past. Naturally, I cannot guarantee the success of any one individual but I will attest that it is a fun class and you as a student will go home knowing all the special techniques I use on a daily basis. This craft has allowed me to work from home, set my own hours, and make people happy on a daily basis. I love what I do and love to teach others so they can develop the same love I have for this art form.


Please keep in mind often this expense including travel is a total tax write off for those in business or starting a new business. If you have looked into franchise costs, you can see how much you are getting here for your investment. Unlike franchises, you are not required to purchase supplies from us. You also receive a list of all our favorite suppliers.
Our average sale is $300.00 so as you can see, you will recoup your investment quickly. Not only do we teach you how to press wedding flowers, keep in mind that funeral flowers are an even better way to make money as families tend to order multiple pieces.  We spend a lot of time discussing marketing, what works, what doesn’t, where to show your product etc. You will have our access to our Facebook group discussions.  Your drive and our support is a recipe for success. The bottom line is this is a fantastic obvious add-on for any flower shop or florist working from home and many florists find this is a great segue into semi-retirement, as it is not quite as demanding as many retail businesses.
Gift Certificates Available!

At Everlastings we have invested in Japanese flower presses that will help the flowers dry with a high degree of color and delicacy.